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Our process

We adopt a flexible approach that fits around your needs and business goals.

A typical WordPress website design project

Each web design project will normally include the following:

1. Preliminary research and discussions

We’ll talk through your requirements and start exploring all the options. We’ll provide a high level quote for the project but we try to make this as accurate as possible although it may develop as the WordPress Website Design workload gets underway.

There’s no cost for this initial stage of discussions.


2. Analysis and specification

Once you’ve approved the initial quotation, we’ll work with you to clarify and develop your requirements until we have a full project plan which all parties agre upon. We’ll agree a detailed project plan and timeline for the WordPress Website Design project and we ‘ll refine the quote if necessary.

Depending on the project, we may put together some intial design ideas, mockups or prototypes for you to be able to provide. At this stage, you may need to provide some materials or information we need in order to carry out this work.


3. Implementation

Next stage is to carry out the WordPress Website Design project as described in the project plan. Al will be the project manager, main WordPress designer and your primary point of contact. We’ll bring in specialists (graphic designers, technical WordPress developers, Java, PHP, CSS Coders etc.) as required in the duration of the project.

We use a variety of project management tools, choosing the most appropriate for each project. We use internal systems to monitor the progress and build of your project and make sure to keep you up to date with progress, along with regular phone calls and emails. You’ll be given a detailed project plan outlining key milestones and deliverables, which will be updated as the project progresses.

We work iteratively, breaking the work into logical chunks. This is best practice for a WordPress Website Design project. It helps us to keep an eye on the allocated budget as we can approach tasks in order of priority. All code is kept secure in our version control system, with backups.

Finally, we’ll test everything thoroughly to make sure it’s working perfectly, this may involve your input and user testing too. Just to make sure we’ve got it all right for you.


4. Evaluation and user acceptance testing

We’ll present the work to you on our test servers. for you to review. Depending on the Web Design project size, this may be done at the end of the project or we may present the work to you in stages and sign off on it as we go.

We’ll carry out any further WordPress Website Design and Development until you’re completely satisfied.

This may involve your carrying out some user acceptance testing to be sure you are happy with the end result.


5. Go live!

We’ll work closely with you to plan the launch of your new WordPress Website Design project.

Once the project has gone live, we’ll provide 30 days’ free support will make sure everything goes smoothly and to help iron out any teething problems you may encounter.


6. Ongoing support and development

All successful websites grow and evolve over time. We’ll continue to work with you to continue developing the website and ensuring it meets your long-term goals.

We can offer retainers or ongoing maintenance contracts to clients who may need regular WordPress Website design. This involves reserving a set number of hours each month for dedicated development of your project. You benefit from a discounted hourly rate and the guarantee that we’ll be available as and when you need us.

Or if you prefer, we can provide additional WordPress Website Design services or updates as and when required on an adhoc individually charged for basis.

We’ll work very hard to build an ongoing relationship with you, based on trust. We do this by communicating openly with you at all times and making sure we deliver on our promises.