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WordPress Developers

WordPress is easy to use and very popular (CMS) Content Management System. This dynamic publishing tool allows you to manage your website content using any web browser. The platform is open-source and now widely used by leading news agencies and corporations. It has a great user friendly interface (GUI) for publishing text and media and more, whilst it also works great to optimise your website for search engines such as Google and Yahoo (SEO). Additionally, WordPress is used by over 15% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites in the world!

Whilst Al Ashbrook Web Design can produce websites using a range of sources and techniques, we opt to use WordPress for the following reasons:

Value for money (VFM): Using WordPress for your website means it tends to be cheaper than other options; WordPress is actually a free set of PHP code files that run the basic structure of WordPress itself.

Unique: Leading on from the previous point, many clients want their websites to have a unique look. The look and the structure of a website are extemely important, not just to you, the client, but also to your website visitors. Developing a unique look and feel of your new website running on WordPress is just one thing that a WordPress designer can do for you.

Universal: WordPress is hosted online so you don’t need any special program or operating system or browser to administer your website’s content. All you need is your favourite Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or other.

Multi user: This means you’re not the only one who can fix something in a dash. You can give your employees separate login details and they can access your website content management system from anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Some of our clients prefer to set up access levels, giving their staff less access to core or sensitive areas but still allowing them to update things like the blog or news page, adding new pages to a gallery and so on.

Peace of mind: WordPress keeps many backup versions (revisions) of anything you have worked on sorted by the date changes were saved. With one click you can restore a previous version of a webpage that you need to recover.

Browsers: Ensuring your website looks great on all browsers is important to creating and maintaining a strong brand. Experienced WordPress developers can do this job with ease, as they have already meet most of the things that needs to be cross-browsed.

Easy Content Management: If you’ve got any computer knowledge (can send an email, send a tweet or update your Facebook status) then WordPress is simple to use. And typical updates to content do not create danger of messing up the design.

SEO: WordPress also makes it easier to optimize your search engine results. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which means people are more likely to find you.

Need for speed: If a website takes more than 3 or 4 seconds to load, users typically will just go to another site, or simply click the ‘x’ button. A website’s loading speed is really important, especially if you don’t want to lose any of your visitors. A skilled WordPress developer can really do this job for you with ease. Search engines now base some of their ranking algorithms on page load speed too, so if you site is slow, it will now be penalised for it!

Generally when looking for a WordPress developer, ensure that they have a strong portfolio to prove their expertise. WordPress is not an easy system to learn and you can miss out on a lot of WordPress benefits if you choose an inexperienced supplier.

Although there is a huge demand for WordPress development services, ensure you are getting a reasonable price; this should typically take in factors such as turnaround time, quality of services, additional implementations, expertise in the concerned field, clients/brands worked with and so on. Look at the work they have done, does it look good and will it suit your needs? Is the budget reasonable? Are there lots of reviews and positive factors? The bottom line is – Make a common sense decision!